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Fast & Fair Repair

Fast & Fair Repair is your local, family owned handyman service. Jim Clinger is well known and respected for his beautiful handyman work, affordability, and customer satisfaction. He and his family live in and love Northwest Arkansas.

We offer a wide variety of services, but the best way to check if we can take care of your to-do list is to give us a call!

Jim Clinger Fast & Fair Repair Northwest Arkansas
Jim Clinger Fast & Fair Repair Northwest Arkansas

Our Mission

At Fast & Fair Repair, our mission is deeply rooted in community, integrity, honesty, and reliability. Committed to the values that define us, we take pride in providing repair services to our community members across Northwest Arkansas.  At Fast & Fair Repair, our mission is not just about repairs; it's about building a stronger, more connected community through exceptional service.

 Why Choose Fast & Fair Repair? 

  • We're trustworthy and established in Northwest Arkansas.

  • We carry a one million liability insurance policy.

  • Registered with the Better Business Bureau, 90378127

  • Safe, affordable experience backed by customer reviews

  • Licensed with the Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board, number 53989

  • Invest your money in our community by supporting our local, family-owned business

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